About Us

Free Skool Pittsburgh is a collective of people working to create a platform that allows knowledge to flow through new channels which build communities and encourage creativity.

Our vision is to create a  non-hierarchal network of individuals committed to organizing autonomously and collectively to equalize the distribution of knowledge and strengthen the ties within our community. We seek to enable members of our community to connect, collaborate and create by sharing their knowledge and skills. We strive to break down the financial, cultural and societal barriers that keep us from learning from one another. This happens through classes, discussion groups, and events that develop safe, informal environments to achieve educational and social goals.

"Free Skools" are currently developing and growing all across the United States and world. The Wikipedia article describes it as "a decentralized network in which skills, information, and knowledge are shared without hierarchy or the institutional environment of formal schooling", a form of democratic education. For additional information on other Free Skools, visit our links page.

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